Are you in the business of vacation rentals?

As a business owner of the vacation rentals it becomes very crucial to change with the times. Globally most vacation rental owners are shifting their work to online platform but some are still relying on age old techniques of getting bookings and doing vacation rental business. The foremost disadvantage of remaining on offline platform business wise is contracting your scope or in other words the chances of getting new client leads diminishes as most of people have internet access and habitually they prefer choosing the same for searching vacation rentals, bookings etc. It is really very frustrating and tiresome job of coordinating on phone or emails individually to every client query. Creating the quotes manually for every enquiry you get, sending photos and details of the property individually to every lead. Regular manual tracking, follow-up exercises with the prospective clients, managing payments transfers, maintaining client’s record for future use and coordinating with other business owner for their respective properties rentals in order to earn commissions. For such a large stack of daily activities the need of a large staff or highly paid employees arises cutting a major chunk of your profits every month. It makes business owner’s venture “not so profitable” and within defined limits.

Once a business owner decides to go online, there comes a lot to decide as there are so many companies advertizing online vacation rental software / scripts with various features and technicality. Most of the companies have simply uploaded technical documentation of their software which sometimes becomes very difficult for a layman to understand. The cost of the online vacation rental solution is so high that business owner still feels prolonging with the old methodologies. Then come the question of hiring technical staff, there is no good in keeping new technical staff which generally belongs to a higher salary slab than regular employees. Most companies just providing the script for integration and other related activities like payment system integration, designing, SEO etc. the business owner has to search some other company or service provider. Most of the vacation rental script or software are developed by new budding software developers having very less or no knowledge about exact working of vacation rental sector. They offer fixed set of features with no customization or enhancement possibilities. So in the end it lands him by either uploading a just single page or a visiting card website with no functionalities and profitable use.

When such situation arise IDNS team is here with their “state of the art” vacation rental software for the thorough help of the business owner. IDNS Vacation Rental Software (IVRS) is an end to end solution which can transform any local vacation rental business into a world class and global vacation rental business. It is very fast to enable and highly cost effective that the whole solution is of only $600 which is far less than what business owner spends every year advertising its property at other websites or sources. The script is not only very easy to operate but comes with a list of features that makes all day today work of vacation rentals just a click away. Some of the highlight features includes personal panel to upload as many properties as one want, extremely user friendly admin, homeowner and property manager panels, Inbuilt content management system (CMS) to make new content pages and edit the existing one, SEO features for making site rank foremost on all major search engines, location keyword search, advanced vacation rental search, Google map rental search, refined rental property search, user reviews, ratings, property highlights, rental price, availability calendar, option for discount coupons, promotion and enabling of all major payment gateways for smooth payment processes.

Once you choose IDNS Vacation Rental Script Team as your technology partner you automatically start getting the related benefits apart from getting the most high-end vacation rental script (IVRS) enabled for your vacation rentals business our team is fully dedicated to endow with every feasible support. We constantly make efforts in creating our client’s experience meaningful with maximum fulfillment of his or her larger goal of enhancing profitability in the respective vacation rental business. Our skilled technical support team members are always accessible to tackle any of your questions in regard to IDNS Vacation Rental Script. We always look forward to respond to every query precisely and within the limited time period. Our highly technical and experienced support team offers all sorts of help or assistance in vacation rental script further customization, website theme customization, web hosting support, SEO services and general website maintenance. IDNS provides free tech support for the first 6 months. So with IDNS you can not only make a fantastic vacation rental solution but also customize as per your personal preferences or the country you reside or want to do business in. This way it makes you one step ahead of the competition and making your reach truly global.

In the past years IDNS Vacation Rental Script Team has a list of clients who have successfully transformed their businesses onto online platform with the help of IDNS Vacation Rental Script (IVRS) and making huge profits through the same. They have not been able to successfully cut the huge staff and other resources cost but also have explored new countries and region with just sitting at one place. Whether the client belongs to whichever country with the IVRS customized in his local language immediately starts yielding the desired results. The unique SEO friendliness has enabled them to climb up the search engine ranking in all major search engine within shortest span which resulted in enormous increase in the number of enquires and registrations. Most of our clients have not only customized the IVRS as per their preference but also enhanced some of the features according to their experience. We do all such work at a very competitive rate of $10 per hour which is far less than to get it done at their place or anywhere else. For IDNS client retention is the major and most important aspect of our business growth. Due to this every year we get lot of clients through referrals from the existing ones.

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