Vacation Rental Business

Vacation rental industry is the most promising and upcoming industry in the current scenario. Basically to understand vacation rental business in a layman’s term it is a rental arrangement for privately owned properties for smaller period varying from a single day to few months. The other differences between conventional and vacation rental properties are minimal legal, taxing and other formalities while booking a vacation rental property. In fact some vacation rentals are charged nightly basis just like hotels otherwise general trend is of charging weekly rent from the client. Vacation rentals vary from a single room in a residential building to beach shacks to studio apartment to highly expensive villas further the rent vary from location to location and facilities provided by the owner like food & drinks, front desk check-in, 24 hour housekeeping, and caretaker services etc.


Irrespective of the fact that the economy being volatile but people from all around the world never stop going on a vacations, this has always boosted the vacation rental industry. Vacation rental always compliments the travel market in fact it is fastest growing sector. The vacation rental industry has developed into a multi-billion dollar market. The preference of the tourist from all around the world has been changing with times now-a-days they prefer staying in vacation rental accommodation over the expensive hotels.

How IDNS Vacation Rental Script helps you?

IDNS is committed to facilitate individuals and organization working vacation rental sector through its state of the art Vacation Rental Script i.e. IVRS. It is one of the most user friendly yet highly functional vacation rental online software available in the market. So instead of spending huge bucks on publishing the vacation rental property of other websites now one can easily own a fully fledged vacation rental website within the same budget. IVRS is known for its cost effectiveness, immediate online subsistence and list of outstanding features like uploading of unlimited rental properties, specialized private control panel etc. Apart from that we have incorporated inbuilt CMS, SEO friendly URLs, Location Keyword Search, Advanced Vacation Rental Search, Google Map Rental Search and Refined rental property search in it.

In short, IDNS Vacation Rental Online Software is the best solution for your vacation rental online business. It provides a wide range of features to establish your vacation rental business online. The best part is within few minutes you can upload as many properties you want to make it a useful vacation rental website for all your visitors online.

How IVRS is beneficial for New Startups?

The IDNS Vacation Rental Script designed by IDNS is highly useful for all new companies and startups which are planning to make an impact on the online mode and earn excellent profits.

  • IVRS is the most cost effective solution to build online presence of your vacation rental business.
  • Ready to go live solution so valuable time is saved in comparison to making a website from the scratch.
  • Loaded with list of features that will not only bring WOW factor but also make whole process searching, short listing and finalizing of vacation rental property a delight for the visitor.
  • Inbuilt CMS and SEO features make IVRS a wholesome solution for the competitive market.
  • Facility to attach payment gateway like PayPal and world pay ensures swift payment process.
  • 24 X 7 technical and enhancement customization support provided by IDNS saves your newly started organization from the expenses of keeping salaried technical personnel or employees.

How IVRS is beneficial for Companies who are already into Vacation Rental Business?

The organization which are already into vacation rental business often spend so many dollars on advertizing their properties on other websites but they can save that money by investing in IDNS vacation rental script one time and upload as many properties on their own website.

  • Unlimited vacation rentals uploading feature with lots of related descriptive input fields, property images and map location etc.
  • Cost effective solution in comparison to monthly expenses of advertizing the vacation rental on other websites.
  • Features supporting Search engine optimization for getting higher ranks on all major search engines.
  • Saving a huge budget of keeping technical team in-house as IDNS provide 24X7 technical assistances by a team that is specially trained in the development process of vacation rental script.
  • Some other fascinating features which include in IVRS that a person from vacation rental field can easily understand are easy to use admin panel, homeowner panel and property manager panel, CMS, location keyword search, advanced vacation rental search, Google map rental search and refined rental property search, provision for discounts, promotion and payment gateway integration etc.

How IVRS is beneficial for ‘Wannabes’ or people who want to earn extra income?

IDNS vacation rental script is designed in a manner where if someone is working in a regular job or even sitting at home unemployed can easily turn up his or her fortune in the field of vacation rentals with just a click.

  • Easy to manage through state of the art user friendly IVRS admin panel with all the prominent and innovative features enabled in a manner that one can easily handle the whole process.
  • IVRS is very useful to those who have their own vacation rental properties or know people who have such properties or just have a general interest in the field of vacation rentals and want to make a profiteering career out of it.
  • One can start his own venture with minimal investment as low as $600 only further all sort of customizations are available by IDNS to suit every pocket.
  • No technical knowledge required to start the vacation rental website, a layman can easily handle through the help of IVRS as it is designed keeping the layman in mind.
  • 24X7 technical support provided by IDNS helps to reduce the budget and provision of technical employees as sometimes it is not possible to keep a technical employee handy.